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4 Great Alternatives to Delicious

By Miles Williams - Thursday, December 30, 2010


In case you missed it, on December 15 it was leaked from an internal Yahoo! meeting showed some of the services that Yahoo! was planning on closing down, letting go, or to stop development on.
Without a doubt, the most popular of which that was planned for be closed down was Delicious, the social and cloud based bookmarking website that was a major pioneer in Web 2.0 and social in the early 2000’s before being scooped up and beat into the corporate sinkhole that is Yahoo.

The news made shockwaves across the web, and many users and tech pundits were up in arms with the thought that one of the web’s staple social sites could be gone within months. Of course, Yahoo! denied the allegations, saying that instead they were looking to sell Delicious to a different company. The problem with that is that Delicious 2.0 was heavily integrated into Yahoo’s technology and API, making it not quite impossible, but a huge pain in the neck to try and get out of that ecosystem, especially since almost all the users have email addresses.

Luckily for users, you can export your delicious bookmarks and sync them to your browser with one of their browser plugins, allowing you to save your bookmarks before the inevitable day.

There are also a lot of great (lesser known) alternatives available, here is a quick list of what is out there and some potential services of use for former Delicious users.

Google/Firefox Sync – If you are firmly dedicated to one browser, using the built in bookmark sync between your systems and devices, it could be a great alternative for you.

Xmarks – ( - The multi-browser, multi-platform browser sync plugin and service Xmarks which was recently salvaged by LastPass is a great service and extremely useful. It doesn’t sync so much to the website, but between multiple browsers, computers, etc. My personal choice. ( - A new service that was recently endorsed by Leo Laporte for what he decided to go with – it does have a cost of a few dollars for a lifetime account, but hey, the it’s a single developer and he needs to get paid somehow. ( - This one click bookmarking site makes it on the list for it’s ease of use and dead simple layout. A great choice as well. Paid and free versions available.

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