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4 Siri-alternative Free Apps For Your iPad , iPhone 4, and iPod

By Miles Williams - Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Siri is a virtual assistant app that can be manipulated solely with voice control. This is something that all iOS device users have been dreaming about, but at the moment Apple has made the app compatible with the iPhone 4S only.

Before you start letting out any wails of frustration, we’ve managed to find four FREE apps, that together, will give you all the functions of Siri on your iPad, iPhone 4, or even your iPod.

Built-In Voice Control

Don’t forget your iDevice actually already has built in voice control for many of its standard features. All you need to do is to press on the Home button and hold it. Wait for a beep before you utter your command, and you’ll have the delight of verbally making the device do whatever you want. You can say “dial” or “call” and then say the number of the name of the person you want to call. You can also start FaceTime by uttering the word.

You can also use the built-in voice control if you want to listen to songs in your playlist (this applies to your iPod app). You can say “play”, and then utter the name of the artist, the title of the song, album, playlist, and so on. You can also dictate to the app to find “who” or “what” you want to play from your song library. The app also includes the “genius” that will give your iDevice the ability to select the next similar song for you.




This app is almost 100 percent similar to Siri. Vlingo is also equipped with a voice-recognition engine, and very reliable cloud-based back end. The app will allow you to send emails, tweets and even book restaurants, though it does have some glaring limitations (you can’t set reminders with it, for example).

It’s voice control isn’t really on par with Siri, you won’t be able to use this whilst driving your car for example, but in quiet rooms it does work fairly well. This is something we hope will be fixed as they continue to develop newer versions. In addition, the app can be downloaded for free so there is nothing to lose.

Vlingo is also available for Nokia, Blackberry, and Windows powered smartphones.

Dragon Go!

Dragon Go

If you think that Siri has the inbuilgt capability for high quality voice recognition, you’re wrong. The developer Nuance manages a module that actually does that job for them. The module works like Siri’s brain, interpreting what you’re trying to say, before handing your words back to Siri.

Dragon Go is also from Nuance and brings a lot of features from Siri, though it’s doesn’t work quite as well as the latter.

Dragon Go is a voice service/interface that will work with various big online services in the like Google Maps, Google, and Wolfram Alpha. It will also work if you have Netflix, Pandora, or Spotify installed on your device. The app includes Dragon Diction that can send the words you utter via e-mail, Facebook, SMS, or Twitter. This works best if you’re dictating a notes or longer messages.

Google Search

Google Search

I am not sure if you already have this app installed on your iDevice, but for those who are not aware of it yet, this app has a voice search interface that is similar to what you’ll get from the search feature included in Android devices. Like the name says, this app will let you search for places without moving even a single finger to type a word. It will let you search a place merely by uttering the word.

The Google Search app will use your location to make sure that the result of your search is accurate based on the things it thinks you need.

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