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5 Great Cyber Monday 2010 Gadget Deals

By Guy Verona - Monday, November 29, 2010

LG 23 Inch 3D Widescreen LCD Monitor

Have you been wanting to try out the latest in home 3D technology but have been put off by overpriced televisions? Then perhaps you should consider this LG 23-Inch Widescreen 3D LCD Monitor as your way to get into the game.

LG have done a fantastic job with the W2363D, producing a high quality widescreen monitor that not only boasts a massive 23 inch screen size capable of displaying 1080p HD image at a 1920x1080 pixel resolution with 120Hz refresh rate, but it also comes 3D ready.

Normally a LG 23-Inch Widescreen 3D LCD Monitor costs around $450, but online during Cyber Monday you can get one for just $354.

Cannon imageClass MF4370DN All-in-One Laser Printer

The Cannon imageClass MF4370DNAll-in-One Laser Printer is an excellent example of why Cannon became so well known for creating quality products.

This affordable printer, copier and fax machine rolled into one is capable or processing up to 23 pages per minute (both printing and copying) and it can get warmed up to start working in just 9 seconds. What’s more the Cannon imageClass MF4370DN comes complete with wireless networking inbuilt, making it easy to make it so that an entire small office or household can have access to the same printer.

Coming in at a compact 21x15.4x17.9 inches and weighing just 27.6 pounds, it can be easily fit in or around almost any desktop area. Plus its energy efficient, running on only 3W of power.

Normally this printer costs around $270-300 (that’s how good it is), but for Cyber Monday you can get the Cannon imageClass MF4370DN for just $199.99 (that’s a saving of 33%).

LG 42LE5300 42 Inch LED LCD HD TV

Looking for a new TV in preparation for the upcoming holiday season ? Then why not check out the LG 42LE5300 42 inch LCD HD TV. It’s is an absolutely incredible machine, capable of producing a crystal clear image resolution of 1080p and weighing in at just 50 pounds.

LED based edge-lighting helps to ensure that the LG 42E5300 doesn’t suffer from picture bleeding, as is so common with the newer forms of LCD TV’s. It also comes with 4 HMDI and USB slots, which makes it the ideal television for people with a lot of entertainment machines (cable boxes, dvd-player, games consoles etc).

One thing to consider is that this TV set comes with its own stand already attached, which means it isn’t suitable for mounting on a wall. That shouldn’t be a deal breaker though, as the thin 5 inch depth coupled with the LG 42LE5300 light weight makes traditional television placement a breeze.

Normally a LG 42LE5300 42 inch LCD HD TV costs around $1300-1500 dollars, but as part of Cyber Monday you can find it online for as little as $777.

LF LHB975 1100 Watt Blu-ray Home Theater System

Of course chances are you already have a nice TV (most people bought them last year), but have you considered getting a complete home theater system to go along with it?

Chances are if you’re a tech buff you probably have, but then you most likely decided against it because of the cost involved in doing it properly. Well now you have the chance to get your hand on the LF LHB975 1100 Watt Blu-ray Home Theater System for the rock bottom price of just $529 (normal retail price $700).

The LF LHB975 1100 Watt Blu-ray Home Theater System comes with a set of full size tower speakers, two side speakers, a front speaker, a sub-woofer and gives your TV access to services like Netflix Instant Streaming and Pandora Internet Radio. It’s easy to install and provides a fully immersive environment in which to relax and enjoy your favorite forms of entertainment.

So if you’ve always dreamt of having your own home theater system this is one you won’t want to miss.

Flip UltraHD 3rd Generation Video Cameras

I covered the Flip UltraHD Video Camera a couple of weeks ago in depth during my Flip Ultra Review, I know its proven to be a very popular model, which is why I was surprised to see them being offered up as part of the Cyber Monday sales. If you haven’t already checked out my review, make sure to do so, but to sum it up the 3rd generation of Flip Ultra HD video cameras are probably the best hand held video cameras on the market today (outside of the semi-professional ranges).

The Flip UltraHD is lightweight, comes with inbuilt USB connector, strong battery life and between 4 and 8GBs worth of memory. At the moment you can grab one online for as little as $99, an absolute bargain if you need to find a Christmas present for someone who loves taking films.

Flip Ultra HD 3rd Generation Video Camera White

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