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5 Great Games for the HP TouchPad

By Lito Carasig - Monday, August 29, 2011

Ironically, the HP TouchPad became a big hit when HP announced that it was discontinuing production along with its accompanying WebOS. Though thanks the very smart and industrious hacking community out there, it could be sooner than you’d think before we’ll see the Android OS (of some flavor or another) ported onto the TouchPad. 

A lot of interested people with money to burn have offered rewards of up to $2,200 cash to whoever can get Android installed and running on HP’s hardware. Of course, to win the bounty, conditions do apply, like you must have the stock Android homescreen and apps boot with working touchscreen, sound, camera and full offline app functionality.

The Touchpad may have been discontinued but HP still has a ton of dedicated apps on its online store and since about 70 percent (at least 6,000) of the apps made for WebOS phone will run on the TouchPad, what better way to have fun with your now budget friendly HP TouchPad than by downloading and playing these cool eye-candy games while waiting.

First up is the most prolific, the most downloaded, the most widespread and the most played app/game on any platform right now: Angry Birds.  I don’t think I have to go into the details with this one, because everyone on the planet knows how to play this very simple but extremely fun and challenging game. And when I say anyone I mean everyone.

The TouchPad has a Qualcomm Adreno 220 GPU which can handle the most polygon-intensive crunching games better than any tablet currently on the market. As proof of this try playing Glyder 2 HD and you will not be disappointment.  No lag at all, just pure crystal-collecting-while flying fun in delicious 3D.

For those of you who loves the thrill of the chase, the adrenalin-pumping action of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit will surely put you in the hot seat.  You can play as a rider trying to evade the authorities or a cop chasing illegal drivers trying to get away with their loot. This game shows off the true power of the TouchPad as the action and the graphics are totally smooth and flawless.

This next one really goes well with the TouchPad’s current situation, for it has the Living Dead in it.  In Aftermath XHD, you play as a survivor fighting and running for your life as a multitude of zombies try to eat you alive.  The game is very atmospheric and creepy as you make your way through alleys with your flashlight fragging the flesh-eating living dead trying to ward them off for as long as you can to hold on for dear life.

Finally, after all of those action filled games, you might want to settle down a bit and try a challenging puzzle game instead.  Zuma fans will definitely like Sparkle HD, because of its familiar gameplay and appealing visuals. It’s easy enough to start the game but once you get hooked to the addicting gameplay, there is no turning back.

HP may have unexpectedly killed an otherwise great device and a great OS, but surprisingly, the TouchPad has became a sudden hit.  I am confident that the modding / hacking community won’t take long to make a port of the Android OS to the TouchPad and for those of you lucky ones who were able to snag a unit on the cheap, I say hold onto it. 

It will be worth the wait for the Android port and I think HP will regret its decision to kill such a promising combination of hardware and WebOS.

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