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A 10-Incher from Amazon before the Year’s End?

By Lito Carasig - Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The embers from the Kindle Fire hasn’t even settled yet and still, Amazon is so revved up that rumors are burning the net with so much speculations about a 10.1-inch tablet which Amazon will allegedly out in time for the holiday season.

A recent report surfaced earlier and this time it suggests that the enterprising giant will subcontract iPad manufacturer FoxxConn to produce its rumored 10-inch tablet before the year is out.

Last Wednesday, Amazon just introduced four new Kindles to its lineup which includes the Kindle Classic, the Kindle Touch, the Kindle Touch 3G and, of course, the top of the line Kindle Fire. Although the new devices are all praise worthy, Amazon decided to focus the event on its flagship device, the Kindle Fire, and the media even touted it as the next iPad 2 killer. It turned out that Amazon is not after the iPad 2 but another rival, the Nook Color, which is very similar in specs to the Kindle Fire.

Before last Wednesday’s introduction of the Kindle Fire, the grapevine had been plump with speculations about Amazon’s new device, with most speculating that the e-commerce big shot would release a 7-incher this year and another one, a 10-incher, by early next year. As revealed during Amazon’s media event, the first prediction came to fruition and thus born the Kindle Fire. So, if one prediction came true, why not another one?

Another indication that Amazon may release another tablet by end of the year or early next year is the statement (or rather, the non-statement) that Kindle’s Vice President, Russ Grandinetti, gave when asked about the rumored tablet: “Stay tuned”, further firing our imaginations to the possibility of another Amazon outing.

In a related story, another report has indicated that Amazon is in deep negotiation with PC giant HP regarding the acquisition of its WebOS and all Palm-related assets. As to why Amazon would want to acquire a supposedly dead OS is still an enigma that eludes me.  Perhaps Amazon has something big up its sleeves or they have hired some unknown genius(es) who can potentially breathe new life to an otherwise defunct operating system.

Well, the mystery deepens and your guess is as good as mine but that’s what makes the world of technology so exciting : all those intrigues and speculations which rival the most intense action flick Hollywood could churn out.

So , will we be seeing a 10-incher from Amazon powered by WebOS next year? This could potentially make great headlines, IMHO.

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