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A Google MP3 Store? : Why Not!

By Lito Carasig - Monday, October 17, 2011

Google is very busy expanding their interests these days and here is another project that could eventually pose a threat to both Apple’s and Amazon’s music business – the Goggle MP3 Store.

You may remember that Google opened its very limited cloud service, Music Beta, a couple of months back. Well now it looks like the search giant wants to expand the service to become a full blown music download store to take on Apple’s iTunes Match and Amazon’s MP3 service.

Right now, details for Google’s plans are a bit murky but according to several music big shots, Google is in deep talks with at least one major music label trying to convince the outfit to join them in their foray into a very lucrative music market niche. 

It seems that Google desperately wants to jump right in and open its music store in the next couple of weeks, tying the marketing in with its Music Beat service, which allows users to upload/back up their music files to the cloud on Google’s remote servers.  The user can then stream all of these files in the cloud to mobile phones, music players and other devices which can connect to the cloud via Wi-Fi or similar connections. Looks like Apple really spooked Google with the release of the iCloud last week.

Google would love to announce its cloud-based MP3 service before Apple’s iTunes Match goes live by the end of this month, but unless the talks push through and Google seals the deal with the major music company, the possibility of outing a full blown MP3 service would seem to be very remote.

An earlier attempt to persuade music companies to partner with them for a cloud-based service, aptly named Smart Locker, where users could upload their digital music files to an online web storage – did not pan out because the search giant couldn’t meet the music companies financial terms or concerns about piracy.

Unless Google can come up with a very convincing plan to alleviate the companies’ concern about music piracy, Google won’t have any partners to launch its MP3 service with.  One senior label executive sums it up by saying, “We want to make sure the locker doesn’t become a bastion of piracy”.

For any company to start an online cloud storage service, they must first get licensing approvals from the music companies which hold the copyrights for the music they want stored in their cloud lockers.

Both Amazon and Apple have their own online cloud storage service, Cloud Drive and iTunesMatch respectively, so it’s just natural, and a wise business decision, for Google to have its own to stay competitive in the growing online music market. Now that other companies have proven its possible and profitable, perhaps this time Google will finally get the support it needs to get its Music Store online.

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