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Asus Transformer Prime Infinity

By Matt Simpson - Tuesday, March 20, 2012

So the Ipad 3 has been announced. It wills start shipping to its millions of launch day customers any time now. Has it changed the game as Ipad’s have in the past, to the point where no one is looking at other tablets for the next several months until the newness of the Ipad has worn off? Or has Apple finally played the profits so tightly that this release represents too little, too late to hold off the encroaching Android machine?

For millions of Apple fan boys out there, there is no question, the Ipad HD as its being called is the new king of the tablet block. But for those who aren’t purchasing things from Apple just because Apple tells them too, there are some fairly compelling alternatives on the market. Today, we’ll be looking at the newly revised Transformer from Asus, now called the Transformer Infinity.

The Ipad 3

When the Ipad two came out, there were few differences besides the inclusion of a dual core processor. This did essentially double the processing power of the Ipad, even though in real life this is never the case when going from one core to two. They also improved the GPU of the unit, though this is not exactly big news. Many were shocked to find no other significant changes to be found in the Ipad 2.

When it was time for the 3rd generation of the Ipad, one of the biggest changes was the inclusion of a high resolution screen. They have also included a new CPU and GPU combo, still a dual core A5 based configuration. However, Apple claims that the CPU is twice as fast as Tegra 3 and the graphics are 4 times as fast. This is highly dubious.
Apple has a terrible track history or making misleading statements regarding the performance of their hardware and software. At any rate, the new system is faster than the previous model. The inclusion of a camera on par with the one in the IPhone 4 makes the 3rd Ipad a much better camera than its prior incarnations.

The Android Equation

The Ipad may manage to make improvements between each generation. Apple would call them leaps, but I don’t believe such incremental improvements count as leaps. The only problem is that it takes apple between 12 and 18 months to release a new version of the Ipad, while the android market seems to generate a new tablet just about every week. While not every new tablet competes head on with the Ipad, many do. There are many tablet makers who in the past have purposely avoided going toe to toe with Apple who are now interested in doing just that. Where in the past the Ipad was literally untouchable, it is now a foe to be unseated and lacks any technical leadership which may have helped it in the past.

The Transformer Infinity

The Transformer infinity makes several improvements over its prime counterpart and makes it a true competitor to the new Ipad. The Infinity’s 10.1” screen is a beautiful IPS+ screen with a 1920x1200 resolution. This is almost twice that of previous Ipad screens and almost as high as the current Ipad screen which exactly doubles those screens of the past to achieve a 2048x1536 resolution. The difference between these two resolutions is negligible but the Ipad’s smaller screen, at 9.7” helps it to lead in the pixels per inch category.

The Wi-Fi version of the Infinity uses a Tegra 3 processor with all four cores clocked at 1.6 GHz. The 3g/4g version comes with the brand new Snapdragon Krait processor which even though a dual core, is likely an even faster CPU. Add to this a front facing 2 mega pixel and 8 mega pixel rear facing camera and you have an excellent shooting platform for photos and video. A big 25 watt/hour battery and gorilla glass 2 rounds out the package. Should you want; the optional keyboard not only makes typing easier, but includes an additional 22 watt/hours of battery.

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