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Diablo 3 Coming May 15th

By Matt Simpson - Thursday, March 22, 2012

It’s hard to get as excited about Blizzard launches these days as it was before WOW. Still, for many, the release of Diablo III is a sign that Blizzard hasn’t completely lost touch with real gamers. It hasn’t been a smooth trip however. The game has been years in the coming. Many didn’t believe that it would even happen as Blizzard has found much more lucrative forms of game production that simply selling games.

Originally known for their game of orcs vs. humans vs. elves called Warcraft, the company found a huge following for its interesting art work, solid game play mechanics and memorable storylines. Warcraft went on to two more iterations of single play; their similar but sci-fi based game called StarCraft was another huge seller. The second iteration of StarCraft was finally released many years after the first installment. Many purchased it even at its console high 60 dollar price tag. Many who did were then outraged to find that Blizzard had in fact only included a third of the game and planned to finish releasing it with two additional releases and likely two additional payments of 60 dollars, one for each installment.


It was Warcraft itself that changed the face of Blizzard games and perhaps the face of PC gaming forever. It was time for another installment of Warcraft and Blizzard decided that they would go after the lucrative monthly pay for play model that Sony had been leveraging with its Everquest franchise. Blizzard dumbed down the game mechanics and simplified the game play to make an Everquest like game that was accessible to almost everyone. In the process they made so much money that there was little need to explore new franchises or new installments of old ones. The game, called World of Warcraft went on to sell tens of millions of copies, with an estimated 10 million concurrent subscribers.

Not only did this meant that blizzard need not spend money on making a new game, but it meant that many of the game houses that would have created the next StarCraft or Diablo-like game would then be focusing on the next World of Warcraft game instead. It seems every game publisher saw WOW as a repeatable cash cow. They would whip out a subpar online experience and then become surprised when people weren’t willing to shell out 15 bucks a month on top of the price to own the game, just to play. This hasn’t slowed down much to this day, with every publisher demanding that any franchise that had success in the past as a normal game, be rehashed into a MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. So far, there has been any to challenge the grip WOW has on the field.

World of Warcraft has finally started to move past its peak. Blizzard has introduced dubious methods to try to keep the all important subscriber numbers high, even if they are artificial such as the free to play option, which isn’t really that, but more of a free to try as so many “free” MMORPG’s really are. With the decline of WOW in the foreseeable future, Blizzard went back to its roots, kind of, and released StarCraft II, or rather one third of StarCraft II. They also went on to say that they would be releasing a third installment of Diablo in the future, though they would only give a “when it’s done” timeframe.

Diablo 3

We can expect a mouse finger destroying hack and slash plus magic romp through graveyards and dungeons that we remember so fondly from the previous stories. As for the actual storyline, we’ll have to wait until the game comes out to get the full scoop, but you will once again be pitted against the Prime Evils and their countless minion hordes.

Net Connected Only

One thing that is known is that Blizzard will be implementing a copy protection scheme requiring you to always be online, meaning that only “illegally” cracked copies of the game will be playable offline.

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