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Free iOS Apps from Seven Cool Sites

By Lito Carasig - Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now that you have your brand-spanking new iDevices with you, it’s time to load up on apps…apps…apps… And what better way to load up on apps than by getting them, for free…free…free!


You read that right.  These cool seven sites are the motherload of free apps for all your iDevices so better start reading and start downloading…

148Apps Now Free

First up is 148apps Now Free which is a Twitter powered offshoot of the apps review site with the same name. The site features free and just-became free apps that range from the full spectrum of the app rainbow – games, utilities, photography – anything for your much love iDevices.


There is a twist to this site’s free apps – which makes it fun at the same time:  you have to join a raffle in order to get the free app.  Pick the app you want to get free and click on the Enter this giveaway button.  That’s it but you can enhance your chances of winning by liking their Appgiveaway on Facebook or by Tweeting the giveaway on using your Twitter account. 


AppShopper is a great site for, well, shopping for anything new that is app related – new releases, top apps, bargain apps and app reviews – just about anything about apps you can find it here. A great feature of this site is that the user can narrow down his search by using the various categories present in a nifty toolbar.

Free App a Day

This site offers just that – a free app a day not only for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch but also for the Android! Although the giveaway lasts for more than a day for a featured app, I think it would be wise to check out the site regularly so that you won’t miss any of their goodies.  Even better would be for you to sign up to their newsletter so that you’d be sent notifications when new giveaways arrive and are available for download.  Nifty feature of the newsletter is that you can filter the type of notifications you will receive according to the categories you choose when you sign up for their newsletter.


For gamers out there, OpenFeint is usually known for hosting multiplayer games and keeping leaderboard and high scores.  But what we didn’t know is that OpenFeint also offers exclusive free games of the day which are listed and can be found on the right side of their homepage. I almost always see OpenFeint when opening a game app on my iPad and this is the first time I became aware of their free game giveaway. Check them out.


FreeAppAlert gathers all the previously paid apps which have now became free (totally free or for a limited time) and presents them in a very engaging manner complete with in-app screenshots and short descriptions of the app.  Users can get their daily dose of free apps by subscribing to the site’s Facebook feeds.

BargainBin With Push

Finally, we have BargainBin with Push, a free app straight from the App Store which send you push notifications about free apps, newly-free apps and drop prices for apps which would otherwise be too expensive to buy.

So there you have it.  I think all of you bargain-hunting free app-loaders would be too busy downloading this weekend with this treasure trove.  Better bookmark them for easy access and get ready to load up.

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