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Galaxy Tab 11.6

By Matt Simpson - Wednesday, March 21, 2012

When it comes to iPads, there is only one place to look. For the Android tablets, there are more manufacturers than one can count. While on an even playing field, this may lead to confusion when deciding between models, there have been only a handful of companies that have really stepped up and produced top shelf models that one could consider competition for the Ipad.

There are many people who really don’t like the idea that Android devices need to compete with the Apple offerings at all. They would say that Apple is a closed system with a disdainful attitude towards modifications and its customer base as well. They would say the Apple app store represents everything they don’t want to be locked into and the openness of the Android market lets the user themselves choose what to install, rather than having your hardware vendor choose what is right for you.

The Top Shelf

If you own an Android product you have likely made your decision on who makes the best product at the price point you purchased at. Maybe it was due to word of mouth or your own research. Perhaps it was a design feature or hardware specification that helped you in your decision. I’m not going to say who the ultimate Android device maker is, but Samsung has certainly earned their place among the top product makers simply by their sales figures. Beyond that they also tend to be at the front of the pack in hardware specs as well as receiving glowing reviews for most of their products.

Samsung certainly has no shortage of Android devices to back up this claim. The original Galaxy S phone was one of the top sellers in 2010 and its follow-up, the Galaxy SII was named by most publications as the best smart phone of 2011. Currently, the Galaxy Note which is the company’s 5.3” monster smart phone is flying off the shelves and the Galaxy SIII has generated nearly as much pre-release buzz as products from Apple normally do.


Samsung is no stranger to the tablet market either. With their range of Galaxy Tab and Note tablets already selling millions of units, they already present a large amount of the tablets sold and a huge thorn in the side of Apple. It appears that they are soon to be announcing a new, larger format tablet than we have seen in the past. The 11.6” screen size of the forthcoming tablet will be larger than what we have seen so far, but others such as Toshiba, are already looking to release 13.3” tablets.

The Tab 11.6

The Galaxy Tab 11.6 is rumored to be released this week at the south by southwest conference in Austin, Texas. This conference is highly unlikely to be the actual location the new hardware is announced however, as Samsung has taken a page from the Cupertino playbook and started creating its own events to make new product announcements, rather than getting the message lost in the rabble of any conference.
That this new Tablet is on its way does seem quite likely, as does its position as and Ipad 3 killer. The specs around are all of course rumored, but they come from varied and seemingly reliable sources. They state the new tablet should be equipped with a 2 GHz Dual Core version of Samsungs own Exynos CPU paired with a very powerful Mali-T604 GPU. The screen will be 11.6” diagonally but the size of the tablet will be only slightly larger than current 10” tablets by using a reduced bezel around the screen. If you’ve seen some of the modern Samsung TV’s you know this is something they are masters at.

The screen itself is designed to laugh right in the face of the Ipad 3, trumping it not only in size but in resolution as well, offering almost an additional megapixel with its 2560x1600 resolution. This will be something to see when and if it is released, but I don’t believe we’ll have to wait too long to see it on the streets.

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