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Google Acquires “Pretty” eMail Service Sparrow

By AaronSamp - Monday, July 30, 2012

The Sparrow Mail App is currently a paid email application that basically puts a skin and some new functionality on the highly popular Gmail. The developers of the Sparrow Mail App have fixed a rudimentary issue for millions of Gmail users by making this email service look better and also made it easier to use. If you own a Mac or an iPhone you may have already heard of this product, but if you are an Android or Windows user, most likely you have not because it is not available on these platforms.

Google Acquire (Ac-Hire) Of Sparrow Mail App

This is the not the first time Google has bought a company to hire the talent for their own purposes. Gmail has changed many times and with this new acquisition will certainly produce some new changes in the months and years to come. Using the app on a Mac or iPhone you can check multiple email addresses and multiple inboxes (gmail style) with ease. Scrolling from right to left switches inboxes and the display of the inboxes are very attractive and easy on the eyes as far as functionality goes too.

Check out the existing Sparrow Mail App Here:

Like many other company purchases, Google will likely be shutting down the main Sparrow site once the dust settles, but you can still purchase the original Gmail app from their main site right now. Once the dev team starts working alongside the Google team they will most likely steal what is good and start working on even more new additions to the powerful Gmail suite.

Looking Forward To More Gmail Functionality?

There are many Gmail users who are completely content with the standard email setup that Google has created. However, since Google already offers themes for Gmail it seems more than obvious that they are not completely satisfied themselves. The Sparrow Mail App has already used a similar feature to the Google+ app to make switching from your main inbox to your priority inbox or other inboxes as easy as swiping to the left or right. This seems like a shoe in feature that Google should have already implemented, but it will at least make using different apps in their ecosystem consistent when it is implemented.

Gmail is a very popular email service and as Google weaves new services into their online brand, many times things are being linked to or made available from Gmail. This means that they are really focusing on the email landing screens as your web desktop. There may be some huge changes coming as Google continues to construct their online gOS to allow more and more computer users to live strictly in the cloud. Adding new functionality to their mail and surrounding services also make their Chromebooks and Chromebox’s look a lot more attractive to enterprise users and purchasing managers.

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