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Google TV + Sony: Interactive Search the Future for TV

By Ladonna Brown - Tuesday, January 22, 2013

People grow attached to their TV shows. They turn to Google to search for actors in their favorite shows, TV trivia, primetime showings and much more. Google brought its app-happy integration to homes in 2010 with Google TV.

Sony (already a co-developer of Google TV) has gotten more involved with its Internet Player. Syncing the Internet with your TV is bound to become a more popular choice in homes since families are looking to get online anytime, anywhere, including outdoors with the help of a wireless network, like CLEAR internet.

This may seem like nothing new, since Google TV is two years old and Apple TV was first previewed in 2006. However, Sony is upping the stakes with its Internet Player, which it released in 2012. The Sony Internet streaming service is designed to make watching TV more functional than ever. A few of the key things to look out for include:

A wireless system. Honestly, no one likes the clutter of cables shoved in your entertainment unit and dragging across the floor. Everyone wants wireless equipment. You don’t need a system of networking cables to use the Internet player. Sony and Google TV have clearly aimed for the convenience they know families are looking for. 

Sony touchscreen remote.The wireless, universal Sony remote control has a ton of features. The futuristic-looking remote can be held in one hand, and features a large touchscreen that takes up two thirds of space on one side, while the other side features a backlit keyboard. You can scroll and zoom on the screen, then flip the remote over to type in keywords and phrases into the search bar.

Detailed search results. Say you search for the TV show “Homeland.” Cross-search results would include not just a TV search for the show by your cable provider, but also return Web results relating to Homeland and show YouTube results, powered by Google.

Smartphone connectivity. Google and Sony make sure that your smartphone also gets a piece of the pie. You can pull up search results on your phone, and then transfer whatever is on your phone to your TV. You can also use your voice to search instead of using a keyboard. To use your smartphone as a remote, just download the Media Remote app

Google Apps.Download apps directly to your TV and you can play Pandora, choose a movie from Netflix, or go the ever-popular social media route. For example, you can view pictures and posts on the Socialife app.

Google TV and the Sony Internet Player pair together for an interactive TV experience, designed to give users full control over every aspect of their TV. It is available now, and will set you back about $200.

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