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Google Voice Now No PC Needed!

By AaronSamp - Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Google Voice is a very versatile service that Google has been offering for a couple years now. This free online service allows you to take control of an existing phone number by porting it to Google Voice or you can simply request a free phone number from Google to use with the service. Once you have setup your Voice account, you can use your Google Talk app to make and receive phone calls. This cool Google service also adds some neat features that make the phone service very usable for personal or business applications.  This as a standalone service is very cool, but using the new OBi100 or other VOIP boxes in the same family, now you can attach your Google Voice number to a stand alone handset, much like Vonage or Magic jack.

Some Features Of Google Voice

Learn why using this service is so fun and useful by checking out the feature set listed below.

1. Free Calls To US And Canada - This is the biggest feature to some people. Google has allowed free calls to anywhere in the US and Canada for the past year and a half and they are promising these free calls through the end of the year at least, if not longer.

2. Smart Call Forwarding - This feature allows you to direct a phone call that comes in on your Google Voice phone number to be redirected to one or multiple different phone numbers simultaneously. You can use this feature to pass personal calls to your home, mobile and office, while you may send bill collectors straight voice mail. This a real cool feature!

3. Voice To Text Messages - Using this service you can receive all your voice messages in emails after the voice has been translated to text. This is a great way to check many messages fast without the need to listen to each one all the way through. You can of course listen to the audio messages as well, this can be accessed from going to the Google Voice site or by using one of a myriad of different browser plugins.

4. Custom Greetings - You can configure Google Voice to automatically screen calls for you or even have custom greetings depending on the number that calls you.

5. Get Your Calls Anywhere - This may seem obvious to existing Google Voice users, but if you setup a Google phone number you can then get calls from this line on as many other phones as you like so you can be reached wherever you are at currently. This is great for people on the go as well as businessmen alike.

6. Easy Website Integration - You can easily add a call us button to any website using the provided voice widgets which makes customer service and pre-sales communication a snap.

Get Even More From Google Voice Using OBi

Using Google Voice is easy and if you are always near your PC or a web enabled device that has a microphone and speaker then it is pretty sweet. However some people are looking for more. In this case, check out the OBi100, OBi110 and the Obi202. These easy to install VOIP bridges allow you to use your regular home phone to utilize the Google Voice service and make free calls from your favorite landline handset.

Best of all, you no longer need to connect to your pc at all! This is perfect for people that are ready to make Google’s free phone service their main line at home or in the office and because they start at around $40 dollars they offer a huge value. You can also make free direct calls to any other OBi owner by using your provided OBi number using this device, but this feature seems excessive considering you are going to connect your Google number to it already. However, this feature may be huge when Google stops offering free local calls and more people have these devices activated.

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