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How to Have Multiple User Accounts on the iPad with iUsers Jailbreak Tweak

By Lito Carasig - Saturday, July 16, 2011

All present day computers allow different users to create their own accounts on a shared unit. This in turn creates a separate desktop and a set of programs that each user is allowed to use and access. It’s about sharing and security at the same time. So why not a multi-user environment for the iPad ? I think most iPads have been passed around family members, co-workers and friends at one time or another, so having multiple user logins would definitely be an advantage.

Now iPad users can benefit from this feature, via the iUsers tweak for jailbroken iPads.  The tweak, which is available from, lets iPad administrators (owners, that is) create multiple user accounts for the iPad quickly and easily.  After installation, the iPad will respring (better yet, reboot) and the administrator will be presented with a “first time run” notice, from which they can set up the user accounts that they want to give access to the iPad. Nothing to it.

Each user setup will have their own homescreen will all the apps they are personally allowed to access.  Each user also has the liberty of doing whatever he wants on the iPad as long as he is logged in.  Pretty much like working on your desktop really.  Administrators can also manage accounts in a similar fashion to the way it is done on desktops: add, delete, change passwords, manage access to apps and programs, etc…

It’s also very easy to manage users since iUsers is added to the iOS Settings app and easily accessible and configurable from there.
One thing that should be fixed or at least improved for the next outing of iUsers is that when switching between users, the unit still has to reboot in order for another user to log in.  Unlike on a desktop where users can log on and off with the need to restart their system. Although this is understandable as the iPad isn’t really designed to have multi-user support (yet), it is still quite annoying.

Of course your iPad has to be jailbroken in order to take advantage of this very convenient tweak and you can visit for the latest and fastest way to free your favorite iDevice.

This is another great reason to jailbreak your iPad and now that the iPad 2 is also supported, why not head on to the site and try the tweak for yourself. Your kids and your wife (not to mention your bestfriend) will love you even more for letting them use your precious iPad 2!

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