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How to Make the Kindle Display Custom Screensavers

By Guy Verona - Monday, January 24, 2011

If you own a Kindle, then chances are you’ve been pretty impressed by the high quality images which Amazon displays on the screen whilst the device is in standby mode, at least you probably were impressed when you first got your Kindle. However, it’s equally likely that you’ve gotten sick of them and want to replace the pre-loaded pictures with your own images and photos.

Well that’s no problem, because I’m going to tell you how to do just that.

Customized Kindle Screensaver

However before I do, please be aware that modifying your Kindles hardware in this fashion is considered jailbreaking the device and will void your warranty. It can also cause conflicts with patches released for the Kindle by Amazon. However if like me you don’t let your Kindle talk to Amazon, then you don’t need to worry about it.

First of all you need to identify what model Kindle you have. You can do this by using the Menu button (located on the keyboard) on the Kindles homepage, then selecting ‘Settings’ via the onscreen display. At the bottom of the ‘Settings’ page you will see a serial number, of which you are interested in the first 4 digits (as they tell you what model Kindle you happen to own).

Kindle Serial Number Translations:

Kindle 2 (Sprint): B002
Kindle 2 International (US AT&T): B003
Kindle DX US: B004
Kindle DX International: B005
Kindle 3 3G (US/Canada): B006
Kindle 3 3G (EU): B00A
Kindle 3 WiFi: B008
Kindle DX Graphite: B009

Next step is to download this file. It contains all the various jailbreak software you’re going to need in order to hack your Kindle. Unzip the folder and then find the install.bin file which relates to your specific kindle, based on the information presented below:

What Jailbreak Install Files go with what Kindle

update_jailbreak_0.4.N_k2_install.bin: Kindle 2 B002
update_jailbreak_0.4.N_k2i_install.bin: Kindle 2 B003
update_jailbreak_0.4.N_dx_install.bin: Kindle DX B004
update_jailbreak_0.4.N_dxi_install.bin: Kindle DX B005
update_jailbreak_0.4.N_dxg_install.bin: Kindle DX B009
update_jailbreak_0.4.N_k3g_install.bin: Kindle 3 3G B006
update_jailbreak_0.4.N_k3w_install.bin: Kindle 3 B008
update_jailbreak_0.4.N_k3gb_install.bin: Kindle 3 3G B00A

Now attach your Kindle to the computer (as if you wanted to install a book) and simply drop the appropriate install file into your Kindles root directory. Then unplug the Kindle, turn it on, go to the homepage, hit the Menu button and select ‘Settings’, then hit the Menu button again and select ‘Update Your Kindle’. Once that’s done your Kindle will update itself with the jailbreak software.

Now download this file. It contains the software needed to customize your Kindles screensavers. This time you need to copy not only the appropriate .bin file onto your Kindle (key found below), but also the folder named linkss.

What Screensaver Install Files go with what Kindle

update_ss_0.18.N_k2_install.bin: K2 B002
update_ss_0.18.N_k2i_install.bin: K2 B003
update_ss_0.18.N_dx_install.bin: Kindle DX B004
update_ss_0.18.N_dxi_install.bin: Kindle DX B005
update_ss_0.18.N_dxg_install.bin: Kindle DX B009
update_ss_0.18.N_k3g_install.bin: Kindle 3 B006
update_ss_0.18.N_k3w_install.bin: Kindle 3 B008
update_ss_0.18.N_k3gb_install.bin: Kindle 3 3G B00A

Once you’ve moved both the appropriate .bin file and the linkss folder over to your Kindle, you’re almost finished. Now all you need to do is put in appropriately formatted images (4 tone Grayscale, 600x800 pixels for Kindle 2 and 3 owners, 824x1200 pixels for Kindle DX owners) into the linkss folder on your Kindles hard drive.

That done, all that remains is to update your Kindle (the same way as you did the first time) and the new customized screensavers will start appearing the next time you put your Kindle into sleep mode.

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