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Meizu MX Quad Core

By Matt Simpson - Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How’s 400 bucks for a cutting edge Smartphone sound?  If it sounds like something that could only exist in the Chinese slave labor economy, you’re absolutely right. Sure Samsung may have slightly better working conditions but an unsubsidized Galaxy Note will run you upwards of 600 bucks. There is a strong push to the unsubsidized phone. 

There are many cases where you can buy cellular bandwidth on a more need to use basis and save a great deal of money compared to what your local carrier is offering. This may not be the case for everyone, but it’s an emerging method of saving money and not being shackled by the ankle to the dubious practices of the major mobile providers.


The company Meizu may not be one that you’ve ever heard of. That can be said for almost any Chinese company as they are much less about brand recognition and more about quietly filling the channel with their products. Meizu, to its credit, does have some loyal users over here and a lot more across the pond. Think of them as a high end Chinese cell phone maker. I know that’s a contradiction in terms, but in this case its fairly accurate. And if you were to nitpick about it, isn’t every IPhone a Chinese Smartphone? 

Simply put, this company has pushed out an aggressive spec list at a very affordable price. That makes it news worthy in itself. We’ll still see if they become available in the US outside of EBay, but if they do, it would make things much easier for those looking to buy the phone and leave the subsidization at the door. With a launch price of 400 dollars it may not be long before we see that price come down, and the original dual core MX is already reduced in price if you can get your hands on one.

The MX Quad Core CPU

Likely the biggest coup with this phone isn’t even its amazing street price for an unsubsidized model. The big news is that the quad core will be the much anticipated Exynos quad core from Samsung. They are looking to be the first to market with this CPU. That means even ahead of Samsung. It’s surprising that Samsung won’t be the first to use their own hardware, but it could be they are waiting to release their new model for some strategic or logistic reason stemming from other components.

My thought is that they delay is a good thing,  it may mean that either Samsung is using some tech so new in their next phone that it isn’t ready yet, say a 4.8” 1080P screen, perhaps. Or it could mean that Samsung is so confident in whatever their hardware specs will be that they want to launch closer to the IPhone 5 and go head to head with it. That would make for a great midsummer battle between what has always been the summertime champ and a contender who’s virtually owned the Android market.

The Rest Of The MX Quad Core

The specs on this phone may not shock and awe like we all expect the new Galaxy S III will, but it’s hardly a slouch either. CPU speed and RAM quantity were not mentioned, but the usually reliable Engadget is betting on a 1.5GHZ version of the CPU. I suspect a single GB of RAM would go along with that. One of the other interesting features is the lack of a SDCARD slot. This is mitigated by the fact that the new model will start in 32GB variety for the same price as the previous 16GB. That powerful new CPU is expected to save about 20% in power consumption over the outgoing dual core as well.

That combined with a tiny bump in battery size from 1600 to 1700mah may prove enough to give the phone more time between charges. The screen and camera are carryovers from the last model, but with a 4.0” 960x640 screen and an 8 mega pixel camera, these still remain competitive.  The phone will launch in 5 available colors and with Android ICS standard.

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