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Microsoft Surface Tablet

By AaronSamp - Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Windows has been a driving force in the computer world for over 20 years now. Microsoft has continued to be one of the largest software companies, but has definitely lost their cool factor in the recent years. This has mostly because the amazing software and hardware that Apple has been bringing to consumers around the globe. Microsoft has finally taken the time to put together their tablet, even though they have been promising this for years, and it really does look like they have a winner. This tablet is the first thing that has gotten Windows users excited about this company in a long time. The release of two new tablets from Microsoft may be the spark they have been looking for to win back the huge brand loyalty they have had in the past.

Getting Below The “Surface”

The name “Surface” has been copyrighted and used by Microsoft in the past. This used to be the name for their super high end and expensive touch surface coffee tables. Now, they have revamped their product to be pretty much like an iPad and kept the old namesake. Microsoft has even used the magnetic snap on technology used in the latest iPad to make the device case/keyboard connect seamlessly and easily. During this release they also discussed the new Windows Phone 8 release that will now be running the NT kernel, which will allow for a more stable OS, but will not be available as an upgrade for those that just purchased the latest windows phone the Lumia 900. The Microsoft Surface Tablet with Windows RT will boast a 10.6” screen running at full 720p resolution, which makes it a direct competitor with iPad, not all the 7” android tablets out there now.

The Big Change That Most People Missed

This will be the first time that Microsoft will sell their own PC based hardware directly to consumers. They will not launch huge volume to big box stores, not initially at least. They are going to utilize online sales for the initial launch and unlike Google’s lack of success selling their hardware online some tech analysts believe that this will not hinder their sales. This change may put Microsoft in a tricky situation with launching the product, but since they have done well with the Xbox hardware in the past, they should be able to meet production needs using their OEM partners. The move to the hardware game, has myself and many others wondering if they are finally tired of watching Apple excel in their own market and they are ready for their own piece of the hardware pie.

Will The Surface Tablets Stand Out In The Tab World?

Microsoft knows users want a keyboard, so you don’t have to purchase a bluetooth keyboard separately like iPad owners, it comes with one ready to go. There are many things that will make this tablet stand out of the crowd, the price being one(to be announced) but another is the fact that the 2 different tablets released both come with a keyboard and the big difference is going to be the processor inside. One will have a Arm processor and the other(more expensive version) comes with an Intel chip inside. Any serious computer user will definitely want to opt for the Intel version, but for $100 savings some may be able to sneak by with the low end model for most apps and entertainment purposes. There are so many tablets, that it will be hard for this one to really stand out to the average user, but companies looking for an enterprise solution may be the real target market that Microsoft had in mind. So will you be an early adopter to the Microsoft tablet family?

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