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Nokia Lumina 900

By Matt Simpson - Monday, April 09, 2012

There have been some big lead ups to phone releases in the past few years. Apple does the press build up better than anyone, but quite a few of the android phones have benefited from some pre release hype. Now the hype as turned to a windows phone. The question is always the same with a highly touted device in pre launch as to whether or not it can hold up to the hype. In the case of the Apple products, almost all, with the possible exception of the IPhone 4S have lived up to the hype. This makes the hype for each new product even greater and also increases expectations for each new hyped product.

Why The Hype?

The release of the Nokia 900 is likely one of the most widely watched releases in the Smartphone industry. In fact, the level of scrutiny for this launch sure rivals that of any release from Cupertino. The reasons are quite different however. Rather than millions of fan boys frothing at the mouth for a new Apple release, this one is being watched by investors and market analysts. For this represents what is likely the last chance the one time giant Nokia has to reenter the US Smartphone market in any sizable way.

Nokia has remained a huge player on the Euro scene but lost almost all of its US interest when it was unable to ship a competitive Smartphone. The 900 represents Nokia’s hopeful return to marketability within the US market. They have staked their future on being the best Microsoft Windows Phone available and are working closely with Microsoft on the platform.


The stake in this release is almost as large for Microsoft. They are partnering with Nokia and are themselves making the 900 the vehicle of note for their Windows 7 Mobile platform. The Windows phone segment has so far been less than a stellar success. What Microsoft really needs is their own IPhone or Nexus Prime, something that will put millions of Windows devices on the streets. They believe that the 900 will be the phone to do it.

The fate of these two giants and this Smartphone are locked together and it makes for some very interesting questions. Is this going to be the Smartphone to bring Nokia back to the US and put the Windows Phone into the ultra lucrative position of being successful in the US market?  Or is this the last gasp of a once great phone company and yet another segment lost to the software giant who had dreams of leading in all areas of technology. If it does fail, it may actually be a greater loss to Microsoft. Nokia will go on in Europe, but Microsoft has had little luck expanding its company in recent years. They have suffered failure after failure in attempting to move outside of the OS and Office box.

Even those two long held bastions for the company have been infiltrated of late by outsiders. Google has taken Office into a straight up fight and is gaining momentum and more people than ever are using Linux, Apple OS, or some other operating system besides Windows. It’s easy to see that this phone is more important as a nexus than it is a phone itself. So let’s see what the 900 does offer as a phone.

The Nokia 900

The phone is off to an unfortunate start right off the bat due to the Windows 7 chassis spec. These rules cannot be broken if you want to license Windows mobile and while they are expected to be much more reasonable in Windows 8, they are, for the time, rather archaic. Microsoft is itself at least partially to blame for the single core 1.4 GHz snapdragon CPU armed with an Adreno 205 Graphics Processor Unit.  Certainly nothing too impressive, nor is its 4.3” 800x480 screen. There is a 1.0 Megapixel front camera and a Zeiss 8MP in the back. Hopefully the 100 dollar starting price will at least make this phone desirable to those who cannot afford a top end model.

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