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Power Saving Tips for the iPad 2

By Lito Carasig - Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Apple designed the iPad 2 to have a great battery life, which according to their site, should last up to 10 hours of continuous use!!

However, we all know that the more we use our devices, the more often we have to charge them.  This charging-discharging cycle can have a heavy toll on the built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery and eventually its efficiency will be greatly affected, until there comes a time when you’ll only be able to squeeze a few hours of use out of the overworked power source. 

That’s why it’s important to know the battery life-saving tips I’m about to tell you. So that you can get the most out of your iPad’s battery before it dies.

For starters, the greatest power sucking mistake you can make with the iPad 2 (or any other iDevice for that matter) is not to control the screens brightness.  If you allow your screen’s brightness to rival that of a 100 watt fluorescent bulb, then you’re definitely wasting precious battery life.

Good thing this one is easily fixable.  To control the iPad 2’s screen brightness all you have to do is tap settings and navigate to brightness & wallpaper. There you can adjust the slider to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen. 
While you’re already tinkering with the brightness setting, why not set the auto-lock feature to turn off the screen altogether.  Just adjust the setting to turn it off after a minute when the device is idle.

Really easy.

I always carry my iPad 2 wherever I go, but that doesn’t mean I’m always online. If you’re the same it is a good idea to get into the habit of turning off your Wi-Fi and 3G services whenever you aren’t actually using them.  While you’re at it, check the Push and Fetch settings of your email.  Since you are already not connected and have turned of the Wi-Fi and 3G services, you might as well turn off the email’s push and fetch settings too. When you need to use them again , you can easily turn it all back on, but be sure to limit the frequency of fetching for new emails, say, once every 30 minutes to an hour at maximum (the longer the better).

Another battery-saving practice would be to turn off Bluetooth capability if you are not using a Bluetooth keyboard or receiving anything via Bluetooth connectivity.  To do so, just go to the settings, then general and you can already see the Bluetooth toggle. A single swipe will turn it off. 

Other power-hungry but sometimes unnecessary services and functions include GPS, 3G and music equalizer which can be easily turned of using the same procedure described above.  In short, the more services and functions you turn off, the longer the your battery will last.

One final tip to extend the life of your battery is to learn to charge you battery responsibly.  This means monitoring your charging time to ensure that your battery receives just the right amount of charge over the right length of charging time.  Be careful of over-charging as this will only limit the usefulness of your battery and you will end up with a dead unit after only a few years of usage.

One last thing, check out System Manager for Memory, Processes, Battery And Network for the iPad from the App Store which includes a great utility to monitor your battery’s charging time to ensure optimal charging every time.

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