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Run Your Favourite Android Apps On Your PC Or Mac

By AaronSamp - Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Android Market has been growing at an unbelievable rate and now there are hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from on this growing and popular mobile app marketplace. The problem for some, is that they do not have an Android enabled phone to take advantage of all these fun, cool and useful applications. This is no longer a show stopper, now you can run many of the most popular Android applications from your home computer using the free Blue Stacks app. This applications is fast to install on Windows and it offers a huge selection of Android apps that you have already grown to love to choose from.

Aren’t’ Android Apps Supposed To Be Used On Mobile Devices?

There is no real substitute for having the power of some of the productivity apps at your fingertips when you are on the go, but there are some free apps and paid apps that are really useful and they are only available in mobile app stores. This is reason enough to start porting apps for desktops and of course the newest release of Windows 8 boasts its own micro-app store and the latest release of Mac OS has had the same feature since Lion was released. However, in both of these examples you are locked down to download from the respective OS owners own app stores. Using the Blue Stacks application you can run Android apps on a PC or Mac.

How Does It Work?

The Blue Stacks application runs a virtual machine and puts the Android backend needed to run the apps in a single window on your computer. You can use the Blue Stacks window to browse available applications and to launch your favorite apps. Many of the applications will not look right or will possibly not even work in full screen, but even running in their own window, it is really cool to be able to take advantage of this huge app market on your desktop.

How Many Apps Are Available?

Depending if you are going to install the software on, you will have different application available to you. The Windows version currently supports many more apps than the Mac version, but the Blue Stacks team has just released the Mac OS version so this will be sure to change very soon. Most all apps are currently available on the Windows version, and this means even iPhone users will love this, because many of the paid apps on the iTunes store are available on the Android market for free! This cool software is still in beta so there will certainly be many new features and capability added soon enough, but why not check it out now?

Sync Your Apps

Using Blue Stacks and Cloud Connect (available on Google Play) you can even synchronize your apps from your phone to your computer. This is a great way to load up your PC with all the apps you already know you love. When you are running an app in the Blue Stacks Android emulator, you will automatically get suggested apps on the side panel, to help you find even more great apps to grab. If you don’t already have an Android phone or tablet, you can always search the app store and find apps that you want or try checking the popular apps by clicking the popular button on the Blue Stacks menu bar.

Have fun playing, organizing and watching great content using this free app. If you are ready to start running Android apps your home computer just visit to get started. If you already have this installed or are going to get it right now, we would love to hear what you think, so make sure to leave your comments below.

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