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The Aftermath Of Sale

By AaronSamp - Saturday, August 11, 2012 is a huge social bookmarking site. The creator of this site Kevin Rose, has been a big player in the “Startup” scene and has become what many people consider an Angel Investor since the company became successful. Much like Jobs leaving Apple, the lack of focus from the young hip owner, has seemed to take away quite a bit of the energy that really make the site what it was, a fun and up to the minute news site driven by the users. Gets Sold

This brand and website have been dwindling in the past couple years. Some argue that this was due to so many changes that made many of the loyal community members go elsewhere and some simply think that social bookmarking is slowly dieing all together.

When the web properties and other intellectual property were sold, much of this company was broken down. The actual web site has been sold to Betaworks for $500,000 which seems to be a very low brow price to many. Betaworks will most likely fold the Digg content into their existing web news feeds. The website itself, is still intact, but there have been some huge changes implemented already. To make this site a big player in news, it will take a lot of effort and as many of the coming changes do not really rely on the community, it will be hard to tell if this site will lose many of the existing viewers during this transition or not.

So What’s New With Digg.Com?

One of the first things to change was the look and feel of this site. It instantly switched from fun colors that many were familiar with to a drab looking news style site almost overnight. The new look may seem more solid to some newcomers, but to those who have been part of this member site for years may not think so much of this. As the site slowly transitions from a user generated content site to a more “web newspaper” style site, there will definitely be a big backlash from users, but this may be a good way to keep this site profitable and viable in today’s market.

Among the big changes include the forced login with Facebook, of all users, even those who have been logging in with their regular account for years. Betaworks is obviously not looking ot make friends with these changes, but hopefully they can at least make some dollars, now that the driving force behind the success of (Kevin Rose) will no longer be involved.

There is no doubt that Digg shifting gears will give some new relevance to other social bookmarking web sites. Some believe that this king of social bookmarking going down the drain may give Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayers reason to revive the web property now that there is more room int he social bookmarking space. Then again, it is also possible that these types of sites may just fall on the sidelines as other more mature Web 2.0 sites come to light.


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