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The Final Blow to BlackBerry?

By Fabio - Thursday, September 13, 2012

RIM has a lot of hope riding on their new OS BB10. They’re literally in a life or death situation. Sales have been slipping and some stores have been reporting zero sales for over a month. I can understand why. I own a BlackBerry Bold 9700. The phone is a little tired. I am a also power user so I require a lot from the phone and many times it just freezes. Lately I have been having an issue with the camera. When I take a picture, the phone shuts off, so I have remove the battery to reboot.

I walk as part of my exercise routine and when I do, my phone is really working. I listen to music, tweet, post status updates on Facebook and reply to comments. I also use an app called Map My Fitness and use the camera to take pictures. My walks last from 2.5 to 3 hours, so the phone is working hard for that time.

At this point I am tired of having to deal with my phone. I am ready to change it for something more current. I have been holding back because I have been waiting for the new BlackBerry phones to come out. There are many people who are in the same shoes that I’m in. They want to change their BlackBerry and are loyal to the brand, so they’re holding on or possibly switching to another brand, so it’s normal in some way that sales have gone to zero for some stores.

Recently I read an article on PC World “RIM is in trouble thanks to BlackBerry 10 BES chaos” The new BB10 is not compatible with the current BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). When the new BB10 phones come out, any company who runs their own BES servers will have to upgrade if they make the switch to BB10 phones. The question is: how many will make the change and if they do, will they make it for another company, dropping RIM altogether?

These issues really make it hard for people to stick around and wait for the new phones. After reading that article it raised doubt in my mind about the company’s future. Because of it, I am tempted to abandon RIM too. It doesn’t mean that I will, I am just tempted. I’m pretty sure that I can hold out a few more months until the new BlackBerry phones come at which point I will make the decision to either remain with BB or finally make the switch over to iPhone.

Let’s hope that all of what they have been working on works out for them. It would be sad for RIM to go under or possibly be bought out by a larger company. They’ve made many mistakes in the past, hopefully they’ve made the right one this time.

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