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The Long Wait is Over: iPhone 5 to be Unleashed on October 14th

By Lito Carasig - Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I think everybody is giving a big sigh of relief because we can now bury all rumors and speculations about the new iPhone! Apple have finally sent out invites to a big media event happening on October 4th, its dead-giveaway tagline: “Let’s talk iPhone” says it all. What else could it be about but the next iteration of Apple’s much-anticipated iDevice, the iPhone 5?

A recent report accurately predicted that Apple would indeed hold an event in October and that the said event will not be held in San Francisco but in the Cupertino Company’s own Infinite Loop Campus. Of course the keynote address will be given by newly-crowned CEO Tim Cook. This will be the first product launch since the venerable Mr. Jobs stepped down as Apple’s head honcho last August.

Though we are now assured that Apple will unleash something during the said event, we are not sure what or how many new iDevices will be announced by Mr. Cook.  You may remember that over the past few months there have been numerous rumors surrounding Apple’s iconic iDevices, which include a 3G-capable white iPod Touch (5th Gen), a toned-down iPhone 4 (the budget-friendly version of the iDevice), a soupped-up iPhone 4S with an A5 chip, and (of course) the high-end re-designed iPhone 5.

In a fairly recent post, it is apparent that the iPhone 5 will be initially available on October 14th to several select countries, which include the United States, Germany, France, Japan and the United Kingdom. It has been Apple’s tradition to hold such media events to announce new hardware / devices and then subsequently release the new iDevices within two to three weeks after the announcement.  The October 4th event will be well within Apple’s timeline and would then confirm that the Cupertino Company will undoubtedly release the next iteration of its iconic iPhone on the said date.

Another juicy bit of info that points to the Big Event is the report that Apple has been blocking out the second week of October and has politely denied employees requests for days off.  This means that Apple is expecting an increase in activity during the period, which could be the influx of people flocking to their stores to get their hands on the new device.

I’m just glad that Apple has finally given us something definite to look forward to in October and we can finally put to rest all those gagging rumors about the iPhone 5’s outing. 

So, shall I see you in the Apple Store on October 14?

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