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Top Five Mobile Tech Predictions for 2011

By Guy Verona - Monday, January 10, 2011

As it’s the start of a New Year, I thought now would be a good time to do a blog about what kind of new tech we can expect to see being implemented in the mobile industry during 2011.

Increased Focus on Geolocation Based Content

During 2010 localization started to become a really big deal for a lot of internet orientated businesses. Whereas once the internet was all about being connected to the whole world (or at least the parts that spoke the same language as you), the net has started to become significantly more focused on dealing up content specific to the region you live in.

Mobile devices will only take the trend towards localization even further, with GPS enabled devices and voluntary check-in services allowing companies to track where a person is (and subsequently what they’re probably doing) in real time. Cross reference that with a persons social media activity and their general internet activity and suddenly companies have a way to predicatively present you with offers and information based content that they already know you’re going to be interested in.

Arrival of the Cloud

Ok so people do already have access to some cloud based systems, particularly on the corporate or business levels, but as yet we’ve not really seen cloud computing embraced by the masses.

Amazon Web Services (Cloud Computing)

This year that should all change. Google’s Chrome OS (which is almost entirely cloud based) should see general release quite soon, with a wide range of manufacturers planning on using the operating system on their devices. Amazon are also expected to see a huge increase in the use of their commercial cloud service, partly due to the vast number of Kindles sold last year (which make use of Amazon’s cloud to store books as part of the whispernet service).

Phones Instead of Cards

Over the last few years the major finance institutions have been busy looking into ways to integrate payment systems directly into peoples phones. In 2010 large scale (successful) trials of smartphone payment systems where held around the US, causing analysts to predict a full roll out of various smartphone payment systems to begin in the middle of this year (with the arrival of the next generation of smartphones).

Mobile Security

Towards the end of the last year we started to see serious cracks in the security of modern day smartphones, with viruses and spyware starting to appear on peoples devices at an alarmingly high rate. This year with tablet and smartphone sales expected to go through the roof, software developers will have to start paying much more attention to security on mobile devices.

At the moment there are very few virus checkers, anti-malware and firewall style apps for mobile devices. Something that will change in 2011 as major anti-virus companies finally start releasing software to help people stay safe on devices that they entrust with just as much information as their computers.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is cool (as the goggles I reported on the other day clearly show) and people love cool things, corporations love it when they find cool things that they don’t need to convince people are cool (especially when it leads to people buying stuff), which is why I expect Augmented Reality apps to be the next big thing. Whether in the form of shopping apps, games, calling up the history of a building, advertizing or anything else you could possibly think of, Augmented Reality is definitely going to be one of the ‘in’ things of 2011 (and probably well beyond).

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