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Yahoo Making Big Changes With New CEO

By AaronSamp - Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yahoo has been a huge online force to be reckoned with for many years now. To this day they have one of the largest and longest standing online web directories. This web portal has always differentiated themselves from standard search engines by listing sites in their main human curated directory before ranking sites using standard organic search ranking methods. This is still the core of the main Yahoo website, but the search results have since been injected with Bing results due to a big cash deal with Microsoft about 2 years ago.

Yahoo is still a household name as far as web destinations go, but they have definitely had some rough times though recent years. With much of their historically profitable services and web sites losing.

Yahoo’s Fall And Rise

n the past 3 years many people have moved from Yahoo mail to other services and much that we used to love about this company has fallen on the sidelines. To try to turn Yahoo into a phoenix that will rise from ashes, they have hired a new CEO and a surprising choice to some. The newly named CEO is Marissa Mayer. She may be best known for being the first female engineer at Google (with a background in programming). However, upon leaving to take the new position at Yahoo she will now be remembered as career minded woman who is not afraid to leave over 14 Million dollars of Google stock on the table to focus on the work that she wants. Taking over this fragmented company will definitely be a challenging experience.

With a 1 Million dollar a year salary and bonuses that can double her salary in a years time. It still seems that there must be some extra cash in the deal somewhere or this driven business woman may simply be looking for a new challenge. Running a multibillion dollar company will be sure to offer a big change in the challenges that she used to face as an engineer and it will be interesting to see what changes she will start with to revive Yahoo.

Yahoo Still Has Some Valuable Web Properties

As any geek knows, Yahoo has dropped some of their popular web services in the last couple years, but they still have some very powerful and profitable online web properties that could be used to breath some new life into this falling company. Yahoo Finance is still arguably one of the best free online finance and stock market tools out there. This company also owns one of the largest online celebrity sites called This website gets huge traffic because of the topical content and hugely popular celeb stories. There are some other properties like that could also bounce back to create new revenue if some simple housecleaning was done to freshen it up.

Change Is Coming

No matter what Marissa Mayer does as the new CEO of Yahoo there is no doubt that there are some big changes on the way. Many speculate that instead of reviving many of the existing web properties, that the changes she will start with will be totally new endeavors, but it seems to make more sense to fix what existing properties are already there instead of spending all the time, money and resources on starting something totally new. With a strong development background from Google, this new CEO may have some impressive tricks up her sleeve ready to impress investors. No matter where the new Yahoo CEO starts, there is no question that this powerfully driven business lady will bring a lot more than just a pretty face to the board room at Yahoo.

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