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Mad Science

Samsung Develop Their Own ED-209 (Kinda)
For years now we’ve been bombarded with sci-fi images of robots fighting alongside (and sometimes against) mankind, but those days always seemed like they’d be…

5 More Crazy Computer Peripherals That Actually Exist
A few months ago I wrote up a list of 5 crazy computer peripherals that actually exist, it was fairly well received so I thought…

Sega Revolutionizes Gaming Once Again with the Introduction of the Toylet
There was a time, many moons ago, when Sega where one of the worlds leading companies when it came to the development of computer games.…

A Glimpse at a Building of the Future (Maybe)
As part of a program related to theoretical design, run by the International Union of Architects, Russian architect Alexander Remizov recently unveiled to the world…

Apple Granted Patent Related to the Creation of 3D Holographic Imagery
In the slow news week that is the post Christmas, pre-New Year's lull, one particular story has started to do the rounds which (at first…

5 Novelty Christmas Gadgets You Definitely Don’t Want To Find In Your Stocking
Now that we're just a few short days away from Christmas, let's take a look at 5 of the worst Christmas themed novelty gifts and…

5 Cases of Gaming Addiction Costing Lives
Ever wondered to what extremes gaming addiction can drive a person? Well today we take a look at 5 cases where gaming addiction has cost…

Real World Invisibility Cloaks
Some of our oldest stories involve people who have the ability to turn invisible. Yet for most of our history actually being able to turn…

3 Cases of Technology Crossing the Line Between Fact and Fiction
We live in a world in which technological advancement is currently happening at a breathtaking pace. For people of my generation it's hard to imagine…

5 Cases of Social Media Saving Lives
5 examples of Social Media networks being used to build communities and save lives.

Google: One of the Best Place to Work on Earth?
Don't you wish your company was as hot as me! Don'tcha....

5 Crazy Computer Peripherals That Actually Exist
I thought it would be fun to kick off the week by taking a look at some of the stranger computer peripherals that have made…

4 Sci-Fi Inventions Coming Soon To A Reality Near You
A look at some cool gadgets that have gone from being science fiction to science fact.

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