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Yay Yet Another Social Network… Kinda
So one of today's top tech stories is that Jumo, a new social network from Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, has launched with the full…

Finally Some Account Stealing Keylogging %$@£&%$ Get Sent to Jail
Ok so perhaps I was a bit over enthusiastic with the title, but having spent time working as a member of customer support for one…

Campaign to End Secret Search Penalities Seeks Supporters
A look at the Have I Been Penalized campaign.

Nerd Rage: The Future of Captchas!!
So I was surfing the net today (as I do) when I came across a story on Digg which indicated there was a new kind…

Facebook Vs Google
War for the dominance of web 3.0 starts to heat up between the worlds most visited websites.

DLC Gaming: The Good, The Bad and The Downright Ugly
A look at where video game publishers are going wrong with downloadable content and associated fees.

The History of Search Part 4: The Future of Search Technologies
A look at how search engine technology will be evolving in the next couple of years.

History of Search Part 3: The Net as We Know It
History of Search Engines Part 3 - The coming of Google

Is Instant Access Media Changing the Way We Think and Act?
A look at whether the possibility exists that modern media may be changing the way humans thinks and act.

History of Search Part 2
The Rise of Web Portals and The Birth of Modern Search Techniques

Nerd Rage: Smartphone Security Flaws
The problems the manufacturers don't want you to know about.

History of Search - Part One: The Dawn of Internet Search
The development of search in the early days of the information superhighway.

Nerd Rage: Where Are All The Tablets?
Why is it taking so long to get some non-Apple tablet PC's onto the market...

Nerd Rage: The Trouble with (Un)Social Media
A look at how social media is making us more unsocial than ever before.

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