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GeoHot Isn’t Scared of Sony
You may know him as GeoHot or the guy who keeps bringing out the best iPhone jailbreaks and one of the main people involved in…

A Look At Sony’s Next Generation Portable Console (PSP2) In Action
When rumors started floating around about Sony's next generation portable console the rumors said that it was going to be as powerful as the PS3.…

Nintendo - A Sad Story
As it's a big day for Nintendo news, I thought it would be a good time to bring up this excellent short film by Peter…

Don’t Copy That Floppy (Or Else!)
So I thought it would be fun to take a look into the past today, with what is quite possibly the most famous anti-piracy advert…

What Facebook Is For
Whilst this video is a few years old, it still provides an amusingly accurate view of the global monster that is Facebook.

Home Made Beer Cannon
So have you ever wanted to have your own beer cannon? What about one that was controlled using the power of your smartphone? That sounds…

College Humor’s Photoshop Tutorial (Rap)
Today's video isn't from YouTube, but it is from a comedy crew that are well known by most tube crawlers, College Humor. As College Humors…

Google Lends a Hand to Sudoku Strugglers
I said that Augmented Reality was going to be a big deal this year and whilst this latest video from Google Goggles doesn't exactly…

Kinect Lets You Feel Like A Space Based Superhero
I saw this and thought it just had to be shared. I can't believe someone went to all the trouble of writing a piece of…

New Tesla Car Powers Up Wirelessly
Welcome to Tech Tube a new portion of the site where we are going to be exposing some of the greatest, strangest and funniest tech…


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