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The Nintendo Wii U Console in the Flesh (You Know What I Mean…)
Like a well-kept secret which finally came out – we have here the Nintendo Wii U Console in all its pristine white glory!

Panasonic Toughbook: Strong Enough for You?
Everybody and I mean just about everybody is coming out with their own version of a tablet PC, and who can blame them? Since Apple…

Toshiba Thrive Up for Pre-Order Now
I was holding off writing about Toshiba’s Thrive Tablet until I was totally sure it was going to launch as promised, and indeed, the electronic…

Presenting: The Wii U Controller (aka The NintendoPad)
Guess what, folks? Nintendo has just upped the ante on console gaming by introducing a whole new kind of controller for its next gen console,…

Dell Streak 10 Pro Set for Earlier than Expected Release Date - In China ?!?
Amit Midha, Dell’s President in China and South Asia ended speculations today as he confirmed that Dell will indeed release the Streak 10 Pro in…

Sony Unveils Next Generation PlayStation Portable - The PlayStation Vita
It takes the most powerful handheld gaming console to deliver an extraordinary user experience and Sony’s PlayStation Vita frags the competition out of the water.

iOS 5 Announced at WWDC
As expected, iOS 5 has been unleashed for all iDevices (to developers) at the Apple’s 2011 Worldwide Developers Conference. Apple’s senior vice president for iOS,…

Apple Set to Unleash Next Gen Software and iCloud Service
The world stops whenever Apple announces an event and every Mac fanboy (and girl) the world over goes gaga in anticipation as to what Mr.…

The Asus PadFone Pops Out
In the fuzzy world of technology, Asus was able to come up with the ultimate marriage of consumer electronic: The Asus PadFone.
Though details…

The Pocket Power Plant
In our never ending search for alternative sources of energy to lessen our dependence on fossil fuel, we sometimes come upon a product or an…

Sony’s Flexible E-Paper and Glasses Free 3D LCD
Though electronic paper (e-paper) technology is nothing new, the flexible e-paper is. Sony delivered both in its latest offering of a flexible 20 grams by…

Samsung Shows Off New Foldable Display
How does a flexible and foldable tablet sound to you, pretty good right? Or perhaps a rollable and wearable one would be more to your…

The Future of Online Security - The EyeLock?
Admit it or not, almost all of us now live double lives – our everyday physical existence and our slightly-more-exciting online selves. Sometimes we are…

Eco-Friendly Light Makes the Future Look Brighter!
You know what I like about technology? It makes us save: on effort, on money, on time, and most importantly, the Earth. Every little bit…

iPod Nano to See Return of the Camera ?
Almost summer and only one thing is for sure: Apple has been very busy. So very busy that what you see before your eyes may…

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